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==================================      2019...A Great Year of Celebration!  

The Salisbury Business Park Will House The New Location For Voice of Joy Word Ministries
2019 Is An Incredible Year of Celebration For Voice of Joy!

It is the 40th Year of Being In      Ministry For Our Great Leaders, 
Bishops Allen & Angela Coleman!

 Every 4th Sunday in our 10:30am    Service, we are dedicating it to the 40th Year Celebration! 

The 40th Anniversary...
A Year Long Celebration
    Close-Out: October 17-20       

Two Years In Our New Facility!
For the last few years, the full operation of Voice of Joy Word Ministries has been housed in different locations. 

We carried out our day-to-day schedule in the Spring Glen Office Park, where we held three office units in two separate buildings. Though this was adequate for the time, we have experienced much growth, and with growth comes change.

Our Sunday Services have been held in the Jacksonville Marriott Hotel, where people from all sides of the city and surrounding areas have benefited from our being centrally located. 

On April 2, Bishop Allen Coleman announced to the Church that the Lord was putting a "spotlight" on us for 90 days. During that time, there would be "ridiculous harvest, incredible increase, and 'stupid' favor!" He admonished us to watch our words, check our foundations, and deal with "unstable areas" in our lives that may be taking our focus.

Additionally, Bishop Coleman told the Body that the Lord said to "Call in your Building; call in the Right Location, the Right  Contract, and the Right Timing." Don't be concerned with whether you are renting, leasing, buying or building - just Call it in!" 

Call It In!
Bishops Allen & Angela Coleman mobilized the VOJ FamilyBishop immediately changed our confessions to incorporate the Word of the Lord about the Building. 

He and Bishop "Mother" Angela Coleman started interviewing every staff member and volunteer about what they would like to see in their departments in the new building. Every piece of information was put in the form of a declaration of faith and the entire Body began calling it in! 

Bishop Allen Coleman called a rare Region-wide Spring Consecration.After three weeks of the VOJ local Family yielding to the intense mandate that became known as "Operation 90", Bishop called a rare Region-wide Spring Consecration from April 30 to May 12. Each night, a different regional "team" led prayer on the VOJ Prayer Line. From all over the country and other countries as well, people prayed. Hundreds of lives were changed during the Consecration. 

The 10-Day Miracle
On the Sunday that followed the Consecration, Bishop Coleman seemed to veer off while conducting the offering time. The date was May 14. The flushed look on his face indicated something had just happened. Trying to fighting back the emotions, he told the congregation that He believed the Lord had just told him that Voice of Joy would complete a contract on our new building within 10 days!  

The tenth day fell on Wednesday, May 24th and the VOJ Family would have to wait until that Sunday to get the news. 

Who Got The Keys? We Got The Keys! 
On Sunday May 28th, Bishop came into the 9 AM Sunday service with every eye fastened on him. Everyone wanted to know, "Did we get our building? Do we have a contract? Do we have any keys?" The suspense was intense!

Bishop recalled how "Operation 90" has moved our Body into a different understanding of sowing and receiving. He talked about how even he was stunned by the Lord's overwhelming impression about the 10-day miracle. 

He said, "I have never uttered what I thought was the Word of the Lord about time-sensitive matters unless I was very sure, and this time (reaching into his pocket) ...is no different!" 

Bishop Coleman pulled a set of keys out of his pocket. "Voice of Joy", he said, "you've got your building!" Needless to say, everyone and everything exploded in spontaneous celebration!

The Grand Opening will be, appropriately enough, on our Bishop's Birthday - August 20 (Check out the Flyer below)

The 2019 Founders' Celebration... A Huge Success!

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